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Welcome to Gorilla walking safaris to discover a completely different side of Uganda and East Africa with an inspirational Uganda safari through east African destinations including uganda where we are born, where chimpanzees and mountain gorillas, human Closest Relatives live freely in the rainforests.

From the mighty longest river Nile in Uganda to the lush green and still virgin rainforests home to Africa’s highest density of primates. Ascend and descend into the Bwindi impenetrable national park and come face to face with the endagered Mountain Gorillas. Travel through the vast open spaces of KenyaTanzania or ascend to the roof of Africa – Mt Kirimanjaro, Africa’s highest point.

Embark on a magical journey and witness the great migration, a unique spectacle that occurs as hundreds and thousands of herds of wildebeest and zebras with their young ones cross crocodile fested rivers  following the fresh grazing that sprouts in the wake of the annual rains as well as visit the Ngorongoro Crater formed by the collapse of an extinct volcano, where more than 30,000 animals thrive in an enclosed grassland thereafter unwinding your trip at the finest beaches of East Africa.

Gorilla Walking Safaris brings to its customers a combined experience from Uganda to the rest of East Africa and endeavour to pay attention to detail with flexibility that every safari runs smooth. We pride in our passion & Teamwork doing our best to demonstrate that you are in capable hands through these beautiful lands.

Gorilla Walking Safaris Travel Destinations

Gorilla Safari Uganda

Uganda Safaris

looking into the eyes of a mountain gorilla, there is no mistaking the bond that exists between primate and man. Double & Marvel through the lush green, still virgin & wildlife rich beautiful lands. Read more Details…

Tanzania Safaris

Embark on an Authentic Tanzania safari and be witness to Tanzania’s heritage through the plains of Serengeti with vibrant abundant wildlife of tanzania. Descend into the wildlife rich Ngorongoro and also Descend to Africa’s Highest peak

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Kenya safaris

From the famous Masai Mara to the elephant populated Ambesoli, Tsvo game reserves & more, Experience the Magic in Safari journeys through some of the best iconic Safari destinations venturing deep into kenya’s heritage.

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Rwanda Safaris

Small but inspirational journey through the country of a thousand hills. Still rush green and beautiful un-ending landscapes, Ascend into the Virunga volcanoes and search for mans Closest relative, Get upclose and personal with the Mountain Gorilla.

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New Experiences With Gorilla Walking Safaris

Introducing The New Safari expedition. The Luxury Camping Experience.

Discover & Slumber amidst the wild. Travel through the lush green and unspoiled natural beauty of Uganda & East Africa for an unforgettable luxury camping African safari experience.

Gorilla walking Safaris has pioneered the typical modern safari and brought you closer to nature. We Passionately offer unrivaled Luxury Camping expedition safaris led by the finest team of professional Guides and team.

Discover and slumber in Uganda & East Africa’s still pure and wild  destinations, the lands of wildlife & beautiful landscapes with unmatched safari experiences

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Uganda & Major East Africa Inspirations

Gorilla safaris Uganda

Gorilla Trekking In Uganda: The Ultimate Wildlife Encounter

Ascend on foot into the heart of Bwindi impenetrable National park and watch these incredible, endangered creatures from Upclose and personal. There is completly no mistaking the existance between man and the great endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Gorilla safaris Uganda

The Wildbeasts Annual Migration: Worlds extraordinaly spectacle.

Spectate in amusemnt to the worlds Living and spectacular Natural Wonder witnessing every year as hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras including their newborns make their annual migration across mara river. Watch predators taking advantage on the river shores with a gorilla walking safri Guide.

Tanzania Safari

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro: The Roof Of Africa

Scale to the roof of Africa with mountain experts in Tanzania. Experience the extraordinary biodiversity along extraordinary scenic routes. Double your spectacular hike with a vibrant Tanzania safari through the famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater drives. Be rewarded visiting the Hadzabe people who are the last bushmen in Africa and the proud Maasai.

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Gorilla safaris Uganda

Gorilla Trekking Rwanda: Visit Human Closest Relatives

Discover and travel into the heart of a thousand hills or endless spectacular landscapes and great culture. Pause in the virunga mountains and see these incredible, endangered great apes from an up-close and personal encounter arguably in the “country of a thousand hills”. With no doubt Part of the worlds mountain gorilla population lives in the famous virunga Mountains.

Travel Solo With Gorilla Walking Safaris

Solo Travel Uganda safari

Discover Your inner Self, Reflect & Be inspired

Designed around your specific interests, Travel & Discover your inner-self, Enjoy the privacy for every minute of your time in Africa.

Solo Traveling with Gorilla Walking Safaris assured security & safety doubled with affordable solo travel rates rewards you with a completely amazing experience in the world because it gives you the time and space to reflect and be inspired in an extraordinary different and rewarding atmosphere.

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