12 days Mount Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro

Hiking is an incredible thing to do but at the same time it may be tiring and needs you to be fit thus this is Important to note before the climbing.

  • Climbers must be prepared to walk for up to 6 hours a day and on the day of the Lenana ascend for up to 10 hours
  • Climbers must bring along their own climbing gear
  • During bad weather conditions, climbers may have some distance to walk towards Chogoria on day 1 as vehicles may not be able to get to the Meru Mt. Kenya Bandas
  • Our porters carry 8kgs of personal climbing gear per client.

Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro makes a rewarding combination for trekkers. From Lenana point via Chogoria route ensures you get the best feel and vews of the peaks and lakes including  Lake Michaelson and Gorge Valley, Treeking to Mt Kilimanjaro-Africa’s highest peak is a thrilling climb from  Uhuru Peak looking over  the glaciers will make a highlight of this trip.

Day 1
Upon arrival You will be met by our driver/guide, after a pre-briefing, we drive to the Meru Mt. Kenya Bandas (3000m). After a quick lunch in Chogoria, driving through a dense Bamboo Forest on very slippery roads to the Meru Mt. Kenya bandas  here we prepare for some rest as the crew prepares for dinner as we stroll through the forest where we may find elephants and buffaloes. At dinner time our Mountain Guide gives a detailed briefing about the days ahead.

Overnight stay will be at the Bandas.

Day 2
After breakfast, we take an easy hike from 3000m to the shores of Lake Ellis at 3400m through a beautiful alpine landscape with the Mt. Kenya peaks towering above us. We arrive at the camp for lunch. In the afternoon we hike to the Mugi Hill (3650m) not only for the superb view from the top but also for better acclimatization. At dusk we return to our fly camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 3
We set off early in the morning, trekking away from Lake Ellis on its west side, across moorland up to a ridge which eventually joins the main Chogoria trail. As we descend to Lake Michaelson, we get incredible views of Vivienne Falls and the Gorges Valley. Before we descend to the Gorge Valley to camp at the shores of Lake Michaelson we stop for lunch. The camp is set at a scenic spot between Giant groundsels and Lobelias. The hike to today took about 6 to 7 hours and we are looking forward to our

dinner and good night rest at Gorge Valley to camp at the shores of Lake Michaelson

Day 4
Today’s hike is rather short but the increasing altitude makes us considerably slower. With packed lunch, we hike along the Gorge Valley towards Point Lenana. The hike gets gradually steeper and vegetation more sparse. Finally we ascend a ridge and get to the Simba Tarn at 4600m. We have left the vegetation behind. The view over the peaks of Batian, Nelion and Lenana is spectacular.

Dinner and overnight will be again in a fly camp.

Day 5
After an early morning breakfast at 5.00am, we embark on a steep ascend via a steep screed to the Simba Cole and further on to Point Lenana (4895m). At sunrise, we arrive at the summit and enjoy the magnificent views over the plains below and Batian and Nelion opposite us. Finally we descend via Simba cole to Shiptons Camp for a rest and a second breakfast. We still have another 15km and 800m descend through the scenic Mackinder Valley ahead of us. In the late afternoon,

dinner and overnight stay at the camp,Old Moses Camp for a well-deserved

Day 6
Enjoy your  breakfast,and start your (9km) to the Sirimon Gate where our vehicles will be waiting to take us past Nairobi to Maazoni Lodge near Machakos for dinner and overnight stay. We stop at Karatina for lunch, a town which prides itself for having the largest open air-market in Eastern and Central Africa.

Dinner and overnight stay will be at the Maanzoni Lodge.

Day 7
Wake up on early breakfast to  drive on good but busy roads takes us to the southern border of Kenya with Tanzania where Kilimanjaro “The rooftop of Africa” lies for you to discover. Through the migration process for clearance at the border in Tarakea, to  the Nalemoro starting point at about 11.00 am. Get introduced to the new crew, and have a quick bite before 10km hike through farmland and natural forest. With some luck we may spot Colobus Monkeys. We reach the Sekimba camp at the edge of the forest at 2700m late in the afternoon. Camp has been set and we enjoy our dinner and relax for the next day.

Day 8
As the sun rises immersing the  summit in a golden light take your breakfast and prepare for a hike through moorland to the 3rd Caves (3900m), where vegetation ends and gives way to alpine desert. Its only 12 km in distance,  but the climb takes about 5-6hours.  At this level the rate of oxygen supply reduces as the altitude goes high this will give us way for lunch and we head to the 2nd Caves, a scenic spot at 3300m.

Dinner & overnight will once again be in a fly camp.

Day 9
This may be the last night you get a good rest up to the last day of the treking, hike through rocky moonlike landscape to School Hut at 4750m. This hut originally by the Outward Bound Trust and renovated  in the early nineties is now under the management of the Kilimanjaro National Park Authority. By lunch time we arrive at the hut where our crew has prepared a meal. Relax at the hut and take in the spectacular views over Mawenzi and the cloud formation below.

Dinner and overnight stay will be at the hut.

Day 10
Waking up after a short night to a hot drink, the final ascend starts at about 1.30am. The path gets gradually steeper  to the Gillman’s point (5685m)  at this point you can  watch the sunrise over the Mawenzi Peaks laminating the magnificent northern ice fields as your taking a short break to proceed to Uhuru peak. (5895m) reaching there between 8.00 and 9.00am. The distance is only about 1km along the crater rim but it may take up to 2 hours.having a lunch break and go for more 3hours to Horombo (3720m) where we spend the night in a fly camp.

Day 11
After breakfast and a final glance we now start on the trekking down. The 6 to 8 hours hike takes us from the moorland into a beautiful natural forest characterized by giant ancient trees. After lunch at Mandara, we get  going to the Marangu Gate (1800m) at 1.00-3.00pm depending on the speed and remaining strength. saying our final goodbyes to the whole crew, receiving certificates and driving to a hotel for a good nite sleep.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Salsalinero Hotel.

Day 12
After breakfast, departure to airport or hotel depending on your details.

No. of People                    Price (USD)

1                                                     6015
2                                                     4362
3                                                     3813
4                                                     3532
5                                                    3376
6 and more                                      3292

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