Cross-Boarder Safaris

Cross Border Safaris

An East African safari is like no other. Abundant in spectacular attractions, every destination in east African safari is like non you have ever seen before.


From Ugandans tropical rain forest ha-bared about 600mointain gorillas and over 500 chimpanzees , down to Tanzania and Kenya’s rolling savannah plains in the masai mara to the land of hills Rwanda.


With diverse behaviors in all these wildlife species and a million bird species. You never be wrong to choose a cross border safaris.

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Cross Border Mountain Trekking

Our cross border mountain climbing itineraries provide for a thrilling adventure.

We enable you to conquer Africa’s highest peaks while capturing incredible scenery and spot wildlife.

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Cross Border Cultural Safaris

East Africa offers a wide range of cultural attractions and experiences .Our cultures are so rich that your eyes and ears will never get full or tired.

Cross Border Wildlife Safaris

Experience the best of African wildlife in our personalized cross border tours. Sample abundant wildlife in East Africa’s not only in world famous parks but also little known destinations with great attractions.

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