Uganda: The Pearl Of Africa

Nothing in this world or an ultimate adventure is as rewarding as the magical hour you spend with Endangered Mountain Gorillas of Uganda. Siting back, grab your chin, Looking into the eyes of a mountain Gorillas of Uganda and meditate is an inspiring ultimate wildlife encounter. Getting up-close and personal with the mountain Gorillas of uganda, spectating at how the young babies are sent up in the trees to pick fruits and how protective these the Silver back gentle giants are is magical and will leave memories of a lifetime. Travel deep into the jungles of Bwindi in Uganda for this sole reason and yes you will feel rewarded. They are lively, friendly and support each tother.

Uganda is still virtually untouched with many surprises being an extra-ordinally country with Extraordinarily Things to see. Still virgin, pure and lush green, Uganda prides itself with over 10 National parks with different unique experiences including the spectacular rolling hills, sparkling crater lakes, Vibrant wildlife, Hiking mountains and adrenaline activities

Whether you opt for the famous Gorilla tracking or chimpanzee tracking, Exploring Uganda on a complete round trip or for a hiking & combined wildife trip to one of the other East African countries, everything is absolutely possible with Us. Gorilla Walking safaris will tailor your East African safari to Just the way you want it not losing sight of the smallest details


Best Time To Go

December - March
& June - September

Uganda Climate

Great & clear weather all Year
Heavy rains in April & May

Time zone

GMT + 3 Hours


Entebbe International Airport

Inspirational Journeys In Uganda

mountain gorillas of uganda4 Days Fly-in Kidepo

4 Days from US $ ………….. per person

Fly into the Kidepo, descend twice into the jungles of Kidepo National park  and exhaust your satisfaction for the endangered Big 5 .

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mountain gorillas of uganda15 Days wildlife & primate safari.

15 Days from US $ ……. per person

Discover Uganda’s best kept destinations and be rewarded to an inspirational journey. spectate at the vibrant wildlife, sparkling craters and track human closest relatives including the Endagered mountain Gorillas.

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mountain gorillas of uganda6 Days Primates Exclusive

6 days from US $……….. per person

Exclusively follow on foot the Chimpanzees of kibale National Park and decend into the jungles of Bwindi forest in search for humans closest relatives; The mountain Gorillas.

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mountain gorillas of uganda12 Days Classic Uganda safari

12 Days from US $ ……………. per person

Travel through uganda’s best kept secrets on a 12 days Wildlife and Gorilla trekking safari. Visit uganda’s famous destinations including the Famous Murchison falls national park.

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mountain gorillas of uganda21 Days Best Of Uganda.

21 Days from US $ …….. per person

Touch all corners of uganda in a best of uganda safari combined with a visit to the untouched and still virgin Wildlife destinations. experience the unique culture of the karamojong.

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mountain gorillas of uganda15 Birders Paradise & Gorilla safari

15 Days Birding safari from US $………….. per person

Double the birders paradise safari with a gorilla tracking safari in Bwindi. Bird through uganda’s birding spots with endemic species. Kill the bird with one stone in Bwindi.

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15 Days Rwenzori Hike & Gorilla Safari.

15 Days From US $ …….. per person

Ascend up to the margarita peak of mountain Rwenzori in Uganda for the best hiking experience. Double your experience with the unforgettable gorilla trekking encounter.

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Ugandan safari

12 Days Culture & Wildlife impressions

12 Days from US $ ……….. per person

Discover Uganda’s unique cultures of uganda – The karamojong people and double it with a unique safari experience in the hidden treasures of the wilderness.

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18 Days Primates, Culture & wildlife safari

18 Day safari from US $ ………. per person

Be rewarded to an inspirational 18 days safari in uganda including the primates, Culture and spectacular wildlife in most of uganda’s best kept destinations.

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Created by: Shamim k