Welcome to Kenya.

A land of Vast savanna full of immense herds of wildlife. Snow-capped equatorial mountains. Traditional peoples who bring soul and color to the earth.

Getting Around

Kenya is so open to enter it through all means of transport, you can choose from the plenty services offered.Roads of Kenyans get around by bicycle, and while it can be tough for those who are not used to the roads or climate, plenty of hardy visiting cyclists tour the country every year.Kenya Airways air services connect Nairobi with regional cities, but smaller air charter companies fly you into remote air strips in the parks, reserves and conservancies.

Health & insurance

Africa certainly has an impressive selection of tropical and other diseases, but you’re much more likely to get a bout of diarrhea, a cold or an infected mosquito bite than anything exotic.

This is mandatory for the African countries that require proof of yellow fever vaccination upon entry, which includes Kenya and its neighbors, but it’s a good idea to carry it anyway wherever you travel.

Find out in advance whether your insurance plan will make payments directly to providers or will reimburse you later for overseas health expenditures because many doctors expect payment in cash not only in Kenya but almost all African countries.

Is It Safe?

As of late 2017, most Western governments were advising against all but essential travel within 60km of the Kenya–Somali border as well as the entire coast from Malindi to the Somali border (except Lamu and Manda islands). The rest of the country was largely considered to be safe for travelers, but check the most recent reports to be sure.



Emergency & Important Numbers

Regional area codes must be dialed in full, followed by the number, if calling from within Kenya; the code ‘0’ is dropped if calling from overseas.

International access code 000
Kenya’s country code 254
Directory inquiries 991
Police, ambulance & fire 999
Tourist helpline (24 hours) 020-604767

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