social mission

“To love, respect and conserve nature”


Our ancestors took good care of nature and it gave them all they ever dreamt of from food, shelter, medicine and money. Nature is human meaning without nature there is no us, when we cut down all the trees we do not have food, money medicine to mention a few. In all ways we must preserve what our great grandfathers did to be the best with nature.

We reach our social mission thought the activates below.

Protecting Trees

Many of the areas that you will visit are heavily forested.  Sometimes local villagers enter these forests to collect firewood or cut down trees for furniture. The government of Uganda as created awareness to the public on the dangers of cutting down trees. Moreover, laws are amended on the punishments someone gets when found deforesting trees. Here we help out the government to move out all the fliers they print out to the remote areas to increase more awareness.

 Improving Lives

A poor mind is because of poverty. Uganda is a low developing country meaning most of the people are poor and will automatically do all they could to generate some income. As Gorilla walking safaris we are planning on embarking on helping out women in the villages with small things like hoes and grains to plant as agriculture is our back born.  This helps them cultivate and have enough to eat and sell the surplus to reduce on cutting trees for sell to get some money..

These are the best ways we think if more is done to it, nature will be preserved at its best.

Created by: Shamim k