Tailor Made Travel - "A Journey made Just For you"

Ever Pictured yourself discovering Hidden treasures of the wilderness, paradise or sitting Along the Mara River watching how Hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras with their young ones waking with the courage to cross the crocodile infested waters? Or Have you pictured yourself Getting upclose and personal with Great apes – The  endagered mountain Gorillas?


Travel On an itinerary created just for you or with your family or maybe with friends. From arrival to departure considering every Personal detail. Our Travel Consultants work closely with you to create a Completely Tailor-made journey of a lifetime, making sure you get the most out of every moment in East Africa.


Gorilla Walking Safaris Travel Consultants Very much want to learn how you like to travel Whether you are travelling solo, in a couple, as a group, with your family, or even on your honeymoon and create a one-on-one service & Journey completly beyond the scope of guidebooks.

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Share with us some details in the form Below, Fill out some preferences, lets hear from You, lets have a stepping stone in creating a unique journey made just for you – Completly Tailor made..

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New Experiences With Gorilla Walking Safaris

Introducing The New Safari expedition. The Luxury Camping Experience.

Discover & Slumber amidst the wild. Travel through the lush green and unspoiled natural beauty of Uganda & East Africa for an unforgettable luxury camping African safari experience.

Gorilla walking Safaris has pioneered the typical modern safari and brought you closer to nature. We Passionately offer unrivaled Luxury Camping expedition safaris led by the finest team of professional Guides and team.

Discover and slumber in Uganda & East Africa’s still pure and wild destinations, the lands of wildlife & beautiful landscapes with unmatched safari experiences

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