With excellent wildlife watching and welcoming locals in one small country. It’s home to Africa’s tallest mountain range (the Rwenzoris), the source of the Nile, the world’s longest river and the continent’s largest lake.but the country’s most iconic experience is tracking mountain gorillas in their misty habitat.


Getting in Uganda it being a landlocked country if you are not coming from its neighbors Rwanda, DRC, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi you will diffidently need a plain, very many travel agencies will offer you those service along with the airlines them selves,

In case you are in the neighboring countries buses, hired vehicles and water can bring you into uganda. While in uganda the only means of transport is by road and air, railway transport is their but not all times

All nations that are not in the east African community are obliged and cannot enter uganda uganda either with a travel or business visa.You can apply for the visa online  at 50 dollars per person and pay here or get it here with ever is convenient for you.

3 Days Fly In Bwindi

Gorilla Walking safari

Health & insurance

A yellow-fever vaccination certificate is required for entry into Uganda. Make sure you are up to date with routine vaccinations such as measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine and a yearly flu shot. You should also have vaccinations for typhoid and hepatitis A. It’s also essential to take preventative antimalarial drugs. Vaccinations against cholera, hepatitis B, meningitis and rabies may be necessary, depending on your travel plans, so consult with your doctor well before your departure

Most doctors expect cash payment. Prior to travel, confirm that your insurance plan will pay providers directly or provide reimbursements. In theory, visitors must bring proof of insurance with them to Uganda but it’s rarely checked. Travel insurance that covers evacuation or repatriation is essential.

Travel with your own comprehensive medical insurance, although you will find that medical help is inexpensive compared to costs in most Western countries. Bring a well-stocked first-aid kit. If you have a specific condition, it’s wise to bring the medication you will need for the duration of your trip.

Avoid drinking tap water in Uganda. Water that is bottled, boiled or filtered should be fine.

Uganda is generally a very safe destination today. As a traveler your main dangers are those of mosquito-borne disease and dangerous driving.

Although there are some risks and challenges when traveling in Uganda with kids, the numerous great national parks and water-based activities mean that Uganda can be a lot of fun for children.

in uganda they use a lot of mobile phones and you can also buy a sim card with your passport and use it here for internet and calling home,

the code is +256

Police code 122 or 911

You will get a very pleasant stay in uganda.

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