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A land of wild and vibrant contrasts, eye sight grasslands, tropical plains and hills, and the mighty gorilla tours Uganda, landlocked Uganda is a wildlife safari destination with over 52 indigenous tribes of the most welcoming men and women.

Uganda safari is home to everything from elephants to zebra and more birds than what your eyes can admire a wonderland to the great gorilla tours Uganda. With numerous national parks and reserves, a Uganda gorilla tour is a natural choice for wildlife enthusiasts, a one on one with the mighty Gorillas. If its nature and its authenticity you’re looking for, The Pearl of Africa is the right place.


Best Time To Go

December - March
& June - September

Uganda Climate

Great & clear weather all Year
Heavy rains in April & May

Time zone

GMT + 3 Hours


Entebbe International Airport

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Half the planet’s remaining Endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda live with in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Bwindi impenetrable is one of only three places in the world where travelers can see critically endangered animals in the wild. Located below the equator Southwestern Uganda in East Africa.

Gorillas of Uganda

Bwindi impenetrable forest covers 124 square miles (320 square kilometers) of plains and mountain forest famous for its biodiversity. Besides the iconic gentle  giants the gorillas of Uganda, some 120 species of mammals, 348 species of birds and 202 species of butterflies live amid the 200 tree and 100 fern species.

Embark on gorilla trekking Uganda with birdwatcher’s paradise sighting 150 species in a single day isn’t uncommon and has more mammal species than any of Uganda’s national parks.

Fly To Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Inspirational Journeys In Uganda

mountain gorillas of uganda

Fly In Kidepo

4 Days | 3 Nights

Fly into the Kidepo, descend twice into the jungles of Kidepo National park  and exhaust your satisfaction for the endangered Big 5 .


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mountain gorillas of uganda

 Wildlife And Primate safari

15 Days | 14 Nights

Discover Uganda’s best kept destinations and be rewarded to an inspirational journey. spectate at the vibrant wildlife, sparkling craters and track human closest relatives including the Endagered mountain Gorillas.

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mountain gorillas of uganda

Primates Exclusive

6 Days | 5 Nights

Exclusively follow on foot the Chimpanzees of kibale National Park and decend into the jungles of Bwindi forest in search for humans closest relatives; The mountain Gorillas.

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Mountain Gorillas of Uganda In Africa

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP

In Uganda’s south western bellow the equator lies the lush, mountainous forest of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national Park conserves the country’s most alluring natural apes-400 mountain gorillas of Uganda and half of the world’s remaining wild population-the primates.

In the year of 2018 its confirmed that there are over 1000 mountain gorillas living in the volcano mountains that  include Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.

Uganda Tourists come to Bwindi Impenetrable- Uganda’s most popular destinations to track the magnificent apes  (More than a hundred of which have been habituated) which involves an adventurous hike tracks through the mist  tropical rain forests. There are over 100 other mammals to spot including forest dukers, rare monkeys, olive baboons,    bush bucks and black and white colobus, monkeys, elephants. Discover incredible sighting of over 220 species of    butterfly and 330 species of wild birds in the jungle. ReadMore

Mountain Gorillas of Uganda In Africa

High lights- Face to Face With Jungle Apes

How to see a group of mountain gorillas in their natural habitat? The main reason to why people come to Bwindi impenetrable National park one of the top tourist destination experiences in Uganda is to see gorillas.

There are two options coming face to face with our great apes. Most tourists go for gorilla trekking experience which costs US$600 per person and it involves hiking your assigned habituated group. You can spend an hour observing the mountain gorillas as they play, groom and eat before hiking back.

The second option which costs US$ 1500 per person is the gorilla group that is in the process of being habituated-(trained to become used with the people). There are other activities that can be done after tracking the gorillas in Uganda-they include Bird watching. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP has over 120 species of mammals-including about 30 elephants -360 species of birds and over 200 species of butterflies

Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s largest park-the Murchison Falls national park offers a diversity of wildlife, breath taking scenery of dotted hills, swamps, riverine woodland and forest, East Africa’s most dramatic waterfall, and a remarkable diversity of wildlife on land and in the Victoria Nile which teems with hippos, crocodiles.

Murchison falls national  park is home to large herds of buffalo, elephants, good concentration of lions as well as leopards and several antelope’s,  specie from grey duiker and Ugandan kob to Oribi and hartebeest, Murchison falls is one of the few places in Uganda where you can find giraffes and the rare ground dwelling patas monkey. Set out for Birding that’s excellent and see the endangered shoebill stork, a rare creature that sits at top of many birders. The best time to visit Murchison is between the months of January and March on the delta cruise boat ride. Murchison falls national park is part of the greater Murchison falls conservation Area which incorporates the Bugungu and Karuma reserves as well as chimp trekking in Kaniyo Pabidi Forest ReadMore

High Lights

Victoria Nile is the Parks main feature which cuts through the wilderness and cascades 45 meters down through a narrow gorge at Murchison Falls, the world’s most powerful water fall-Boat cruises along the river that takes you to see the thunderous water fall and the grunting hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes and bathing elephants

Set out a short hike up at the top of the falls where you’ll have several viewpoints to see the takeoff in the majestic water falls while sporting monkeys and baboons along the way. The boat cruise on the water falls is another highlight on the lake down the river scenery and wildlife. You can visit Murchison falls thought the year but the best time & month for spotting the wildlife are the dry ones.

Bird watching is also good year round but its best between January and March. Migratory bird species are in the park from November to April to May and October are the rainiest months when some roads become impassable. During these months there are few visitors to the park which means discounts on lodging.  Murchison falls are most dramatic during the rainy months when the river is at its fullest.

You can do self-driving safaris in Murchison falls national park- a good idea is to hire a car by autorentaluganda and navigate the roads to spot animals on your own. ReadMore

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park. The second largest and most biodiversity National park in Uganda is the country’s most popular safari destination located in Western Uganda close to the Rwenzori Mountains, the park has a huge array of different landscapes

Queen Elizabeth has various mammal species including wetlands, swamps and crater lakes, Tropical forests, woodlands and open Savannah, which supports a diverse range of wildlife from 95 mammals and 10 primates to more than 600 species of birds. Queen Elizabeth National parks has many animals that can easily be spotted like Elephants, buffalo, Uganda kob, giant forest hog while at the top of the list is the tree-climbing lions found in the south of the park, In addition to game drives on the open savannah you can do a boat cruise to see hippos and crocodiles. You can do a hike through the rainforest to find chimpanzees.

High Lights-Tree Climbing Lions

Tree climbing lions are found in two places in Africa, so it’s a rare and remarkable sight to see them lying in the branches of giant fig and acacia trees in a remote Ishasha sector at the southern end of the park.

Experience boat safaris on the 34-kilometer long kazinga channel which links Lake Edward and Lake George are one of the most exciting items to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park. Hundreds of hippos and crocodiles are guaranteed while cruising on the lake.

What to See when you visit Queen Elizabeth National Park?

There are chances to spot the elephants crossing the road, buffalos, lions and leopards as well as birds such as Kingfishers and fish eagles. In the far east of the reserve, the Kyambura Gorge which is also known as the Valley of Apes. You will see the black and white Colobus Monkeys, olive baboons, red tailed monkeys, giant forests hogs and a host of forest bird species which in the steep slopes covered in rainforests.  Chimpanzee trekking can be possible on a guided safari and see more than 600 species of birds.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley National Park is Uganda’s most remote semi-arid valleys province far northern border with South Sudan and Kenya. Kidepo valley is third largest national park in Uganda is an alluring safari

destinations combining rugged mountain scenery and compelling wilderness atmosphere with spectacular beauty of the pristine impressions that make it for visiting bird.Kidepo Valley national park boasts a bird of over 475 species a total second only to Queen Elizabeth national park. Among the host of dry eastern species not found in any other Ugandan national park are some of East Africa’s rarest and most sought after birds like the black breasted barbet and Karamajong Appalls

The Dominant habitat of the Narus Valley is open grassland studded with tall sausage trees (Kigeria Africa) and massive elongated fruits of palms. Kidep national park protects most of the outstanding mammal species with over 650 Elephants today.

High Lights -Kidepo

Bird Watching is the most spot in the Apoka Rest Camp in the southern Narus Valley that has a great spot to begin your Kidepo birding. The attractive Silver bird and small bands of yellow billed shrike frequently the thorn trees around camp

There are a number of wild spread species such as Vinaceous Dove, Hoopoe, Nubian woodpecker, Mosquito swallow, Ruppells and superb starlings, Scarlet-chested sunbird, Little weaver and Red cheeked Gordon-Bleu. Kidepo valley has many bird species that will be listed.

Kidepo Mammals list of over 80 Species includes 28 that are found in no other Ugandan national park. Amongst these are such African animals as Cheetah and Klipspringe. Kidepo National park has a moist climate compared to other parts of karamojo with an average between the month of April and October so the plains become so hot. The Karamojong are the inhabitants of the Kidepo valley Narus. Enjoy the significant drier acacia woodland that stands of barassus palm line the watercourse

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park-Uganda’s Virunga Volcanic Gorillas. Mgahinga is the smallest national park in Uganda which is in the cross-border protected areas of Rwanda and Congolese sectors of the volcanic mountain range (430km2). The park is about 10km south of Kisoro

Each of these countries protects its own portions of the Virunga. The entire park is in the Bufumbira county Kisoro District. Mgahinga gorilla national park is 33.7 and consists of the partly forested slopes of three extinct volcanoes, huge cones of the Virunga volcanoes dominate land scape, The Virunga are home to a large variety of wild life, Birds and half of the worlds endangered mountains gorillas live.

Uganda Tourists come to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park-Uganda’s most popular destinations to track the magnificent apes (More than a hundred of which have been habituated) which involves an adventurous hike tracks through the mist tropical rain forests. In this park only one group (Nyakagazi Group) is habituated-It comprises of 9 members, 2 silverbacks, 3 females, 2 Juveniles and 2 infants.   Gorilla tracking can be more strenuous and may take the whole day trekking the mountain gorillas


Mgahinga Gorilla National Park features a unique bird fauna-79 bird species have thus been with in the park, including the several species endemic to East Congo Montane region. Gorilla tracking in the Nyakagezi group-the only habituate gorilla in Mgahinga comprises

of the silverback mountain endangered mountains can be trekked in the month of April, May and November.

Guided mountain hikes to each of the three volcanic peaks needs a level of fitness is required. Mount Mgahinga offers 3 challenging peaks to climb. A climb to the peak involves walking a ridge with breath taking drops into gorges of Rwanda and Uganda, A dual experience you will achieve here and expect to get your hands dirty en route to park 111.

The Inhabitants of the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are The Batwa-A welcome alternative to the usual tawdry visits to impoverished Batwa/Pygmy communities provides a genuine experience to the traditional Batwa cultural Dance. Set out to see the Batwa hunting, practical traditional skills such as lighting fire by rubbing together sticks and the Garama Cave.

Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park-The Chimpanzee tracking destinations protects 760km of forest habitant that extends more than 50km south from the main Fort portal road to the northern border of queen Elizabeth National park.

. Kibale National park harbors the greatest variety and concentration of 13 species of primates found anywhere in East Africa, The bird and primates combined with easy access. The park is home of the Kanyanchu that offers superb forest birding and monkey viewing with the commonly run Bigodi wetlands Sanctuary.

Visit the Bigodi top birders spote and famous wildlife such as chimpanzees, red colobus, Black and white colobus, Red tailed monkey, Bush bucks a well as Mongoose. Kibale National Park has about 138 bird species seen on nature walks within.

The people living around Kibale Forest National park are mostly Batoro and Bakiga. The Batoro are native to the region while the Bakiga are just immigrants from the thickly populated southern part of the country-the Ethical Heritage ancient of the Tooro kingdom. ReadMore

High lights

Kibale National park features the top birding destination in Uganda with plenty of 13 species of primates found in the national park. Be the first to see the most famous bird species that include Red-winged Francolin, Red-chested Flufftail

White-nape pigeon, Green-breeted pitta, African Pitta, Joyful Greenbul, Grey-winged Robin, Abyssinian Ground Thrush, Grey-throat ed Flycatcher, Masked and Black-capped Apalises, Uganda woodland Warbler, Chestnut-winged starling, Orange-tufted and Tiny sun birds, Grey-headed Olive-back.

Kibale National Park has a well-established Chimpanzee tracking program with a high success rate of primates that may be found on those guided walks in the forest that include the Olive Baboon, Red Tailed Monkeys, Grey-checked      Manga bey. Set Out to discover some elephants, Bush Pig, Buffaloes along the trails, Whist Bush Buck, Harvey’s and peters Duckers are some of the habitats of the forest.

mountain gorillas of uganda

Classic Uganda Safari

12 Days | 11 Nights

Travel through Uganda’s best kept secrets on a 12 days Wildlife and Gorilla trekking safari. Visit Uganda’s famous destinations including the Famous Murchison falls national park.

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mountain gorillas of uganda

Best Of Uganda

21 Days | 20 Nights

Touch all corners of Uganda in a Best Of Uganda safari combined with a visit to the untouched and still virgin Wildlife destinations. experience the unique culture of the karamojong.

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mountain gorillas of uganda

Paradise & Gorilla safari

15 Days | 14 Nights

Double the birders paradise safari with a gorilla tracking safari in Bwindi. Bird through Uganda’s birding spots with endemic species. Kill the bird with one stone in Bwindi.

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Rwenzori Hike & Gorilla Safari

15 Days | 14 Nights

Ascend up to the margarita peak of mountain Rwenzori in Uganda for the best hiking experience. Double your experience with the unforgettable gorilla trekking encounter.

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Ugandan safari

Culture & Wild Life Impressions

12 Days | 11 Nights

Discover Uganda’s unique cultures of Uganda – The karamojong people and double it with a unique safari experience in the hidden treasures of the wilderness.

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Primates, Culture & Wild Life

18 Day | 17 Nights

Be rewarded to an inspirational 18 days safari in Uganda including the primates, Culture and spectacular wildlife in most of Uganda’s best kept destinations.

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