We are a locally based tour operator company licensed to work under the ministry of tourism in Uganda, we believe in delivering quality services to our clients that are valued in the money and customized at the same time making it more memorable and worth visiting Uganda.

On top of tourism, we believe in environmental conservation and creating awareness of the greatness ness that comes along with conserving nature at its best. This archived while using Using well trained, professional and responsible safari guides who adhere to park regulations and ensure minimal disturbance of wildlife.

We can’t  preserve nature and love it with unhealthy mind, uganda was affect some years back by some political insurgencies that claimed the lives of many people leaving some homeless and without any shelter. We help in most cases with food, clothing, career guidance and education to some of the children affected.


Our values.

  •  A commitment to caring for the environment so that future generations may also enjoy what we are enjoying today.
  • As a safari company, we aim to give the highest quality of service to our clients.
  • Love and respect Ugandans.  We pledge to improve their living conditions and broaden their understanding and appreciation of wildlife

Created by: Shamim k