Why Gorilla walking safaris

It is a bit challenging on who to choose among the many operators in Uganda, but here are some of our unique features why you should definitely choose us.



Personalized services

We concentrate most on a person’s demands and desires making personalized itineries, that are tailored to feet all your unique needs from luxury, mid range and budgets to camping with children and people with disabilities, allergies, and unique diets giving each detail time to make the best out of it.

Cheap super vehicles

Comprehensively insured to reduce on the risks that come with driving, as we all know anything can happen. Well maintained serviced cars with 24-hour road assistance in case you choose to hit the road on a self-drive, enough luggage space, ac, first aid box kit, guidebooks and phone. We have cars from big to small according to the number of persons and preferences, RAV4, Toyota land cruiser, customized safari van, customized safari land cruiser, and extended land cruiser.


Unbeatable prices

Every ones needs value for their monies that’s why we take time to appreciate all our clients with giving them the exact prices for what they are yet to experience, be it prices for car rental, accommodation ,gorilla permits a and camping gear. We usually pass on the discounts given to us as tour operators to reduce on your expenses.

Professional Guides

behind every successful trip their is always a great guide, professional and flexible. well disciplined guides of Gorilla walking safaris give you all the ultimate time to enjoy your safari as planed as they sit with you to discuss each days activities.

Its all about team work for the best results great guides with a perfect car gives you a great experience.

Local company

We are Ugandans who  took time to know and learn all about our country with love and passion for tourism . we operate with people who have the passion to guiding and have all the knowledge giving us the capacity to deliver at the maximum.

My husband a professional tour guide is the brains behind Gorilla walking safaris , he has been to all of it out their knowing the right buttons to press if we need to make a successful trip for our clients.

We are Flexible

Knowing that people who want to go for safaris put most of their work at hold to come and enjoy these beautiful lands of Uganda, we must be flexible enough to accommodate all their details so that they enjoy without issues. we provide accurate information to  them and ensure we exceed our expectations.in case of any problems regardless of the time we are their to help out be it accommodation, cars or a personal problem at any time of the day we are ready to serve you 24/7

Commitment to our  work

We love and value our work that is why we are so much committed to our work as our values guide us through.

  •  A commitment to caring for the environment so that future generations may also enjoy what we are enjoying today.
  • As a safari company, we aim to give the highest quality of service to our clients.
  • Love and respect Ugandans.  We pledge to improve their living conditions and broaden their understanding and appreciation of wildlife

Created by: Shamim k